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Sarah Alles

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About me

Sarah Alles always had a very clear idea of her professional future. Even as a child, there were only two options for her: actress or princess. A throne was still a long way off when she was spotted on the street by a talent scout in 1999 at the age of 12 and landed her first role. Since then she has been a familiar face on German television. After graduating high school, she studied at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin. In 2008, she played Christoph Waltz' counterpart in “Das Geheimnis im Wald” and alongside Marianne Sägebrecht and Christian Oliver in "Immer Wirbel um Marie". Some of the most well-known series in which she has acted and continues to be a part of include “Leben für die Liebe”, “Rote Rosen”, “Heiter bis tödlich – Akte Ex”, and the television film series „Kreuzfahrt ins Glück”.

Those who watch crime thrillers like “SOKO” or “Ein Fall für Zwei” can as much spot her in guest roles there as well as those who prefer genres like  “Landarzt”. TV plays, art and short films such as „Der Sieger in dir”,  “Verlangen” or „Pandora” show her in serious and unfathomable subject matters that plumb the depths of the soul. The adaptation of Brian Nelson's psychological thriller "Hard Candy", which was realized with her on stage, also follows this tradition. Sarah Alles has mastered ballet, singing and karate. She was a three-time Berlin champion, runner-up in Germany and Great Britain and a member of the German federal squad before she put martial arts aside in favor of acting, but likes to still make use of it vigorously for the latter. The second career option of princess is still open to this day.


Year of birth
1986 (36 years)
Place of birth
Height (cm)
Eye color
dark brown
Hair color
Hair length
Place of residence
German(native-language)EnglishFrenchPersian (Farsi/Dari)
Berlin German(native dialect)
KarateMartial ArtsYogaBoxing
Driver's licenses
B - Car


Primary professional training

Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch

Other Education & Training

Meisner Arbeit bei Frank Betzelt
Schauspielunterricht bei Sigrid Andersson
Stimmbildung und Sprachtraining (DE/EN) bei Claudia Denninghaus und Samuel Thiel


Overdose (Short film)
Leading role Ilka Sparringa Distribution: Free Vision Pictures
The Lancastrian
Leading role Philippe Charme Producer: Russian roulette Filmproduktion
Bild von Ihr
PeeWee Horris Producer: Movieholics Anonymous & Horris Films
Leading role Laura Fischer Producer: Hofer Filmtage, 21 Muestra de Cine International de Palencia, Spanien
Weltraumpanda und Schildkröte (AT)
Leading role Dominik Stegemann
Sunset Star
Leading role Andreas Michera
Alecs (LR) Dejan Simonovic Producer: Hochschule der Medien, Stuttgart
Solange das Licht noch brennt
Giuseppe Sacco Producer: Hochschule Offenburg
SIE (LR) Andrea Gabri Producer: FA Berlin
Dana (LR) Harald Geil Producer: FA Berlin


In aller Freundschaft (TV series)
Supporting role Theresa Braun Producer: Saxonia Media Station: ARD
Wilsberg - Über dem Gesetz (TV series)
Lead in episode Producer: Warner Station: ZDF
Wilsberg - Blut geleckt (TV series)
Lead in episode Producer: Warner Station: ZDF
Wilsberg - Unsterblich (TV movie (series))
Isabelle Wolfangel Philipp Osthus Producer: WarnerBros Station: ZDF
Wapo Bodensee (Series)
Lead in episode Florian Schnell Producer: Saxonia Media Station: ARD
Der Schiffsarzt (Series)
Supporting role Oliver Liliensiel Producer: Warner Bros. Station: VOX
Wilsberg - Gene lügen nicht (TV movie (series))
Isabel Wolfangel (SR) Philipp Osthus Producer: Warner Bros. Station: ZDF
Wilsberg - Ungebetene Gäste (TV movie (series))
Isabel Wolfangel (SR) Martin Enlen Producer: Warner Bros. Station: ZDF
Wilsberg - Aus heiterem Himmel (TV movie (series))
Isabel Wolfangel (SR) Dominic Müller Producer: Warner Bros. Station: ZDF
Kreuzfahrt ins Glück - Normandie (TV movie (series))
Leading role Stefan Bartmann Producer: Polyphon Station: ZDF
In aller Freundschaft (TV series)
Lead in episode Micaela Zschieschow Producer: Saxonia Media Station: ARD
Der Bulle und das Biest (TV series)
Thomas Sieben Producer: Bantry Bay Station: SAT1
Beck is back - Zweite Chance (TV series)
Lead in episode Ulli Baumann Producer: UFA Fiction Station: RTL
In aller Freundschaft (TV series)
Lead in episode Ulli Baumann Producer: UFA Fiction Station: ARD
Familie Dr. Kleist - Zwischen den Stühlen (TV series)
Lead in episode Philipp Osthus Producer: Bavaria Fiction Station: ARD
Dr. Klein (TV series)
Lead in episode Rainer Matsutani Producer: Bavaria Fiction Station: ZDF
Traumschiff - Macao
Nadja Holm Hans-Jürgen Tögel Station: ZDF
In aller Freundschaft - Die jungen Ärzte
Anna Jurij Neumann Station: ARD
Bettys Diagnose
Nadja Sukow Sabine Bernardi Station: ARD
Akte Ex
Yvette Müller Wilhelm Engelhardt Station: ARD
SOKO Stuttgart - Gutes Mädchen
Dana Borgemann Udo Witte Station: ZDF
Akte Ex
Yvette Müller (LR) Wilhelm Engelhardt Station: ARD
Schmidt (AT) - Keksmonster
Alexander Dierbach Station: RTL
Der letzte Kronzeuge
Urs Egger Station: ZDF
Die Bergretter
Dirk Pienta Station: ZDF
Die Küstenwache
Bonnie (LE) Zbynek Nerven Station: ZDF
Der Sieger in Dir
Kim Jan Bolender Station: ZDF
Akte Ex
Leading role Christoph Klunker Station: ARD
Henker & Richter - Folge: Moorhexe (AT)
Moorhexe Joseph Orr Station: ARD
München 7
Franz Xaver Bonner Station: ARD
In aller Freundschaft
Hans Werner Station: ARD
Rote Rosen
Ella diverse Station: ARD
Stilles Tal
Markus O. Rosenmüller Station: ARD
Um Himmels Willen
Karsten Wichniarz Station: ARD
Sascha Thiel Station: ZDF
Christian Thede Station: RTL
Kill your Darling
Christian Theede Station: Pro 7
Notruf Hafenkante
Lead in episode Donald Kraemer Station: ZDF
Ein Fall für zwei
Romina Boris Keidis Station: ZDF
Der Landarzt
Lead in episode Mike Zens Station: ZDF
Der Bergdoktor
Pia Hofer Axel de Roche Station: ZDF
SOKO Wismar
Evi Sonst Oren Schmucker Station: ZDF
Volles Haus
Mirja diverse Station: PRO 7
Immer Wirbel um Marie
Jeanette Ariane Zeller Station: ARD
Die Stein
Janis Frühwald K. Hattop, D. Probst, F. Meyer-Price Station: ARD
Unter Druck
Peter Keglevic Station: ZDF
Tessa - Leben für die Liebe
diverse Station: ZDF
Bis in die Spitzen
Thomas Berger, Micky Rowitz, Erwin Keusch Station: SAT. 1
Tausche Firma gegen Haushalt
Karen Müller Station: ARD
Dirk Regel Station: ARD


Gerüchte ... Gerüchte
Polizistin Estera Stenzel, Adrian Castilla Written by: Neil Simon
Eine Familie
Jean Ilan Ronen Written by: Tracy Letts
Hard Candy (Drama)
Hayley (LR) Jens Schmidt Written by: Brian Nelson


Vom Geist der Weihnacht (Musical)