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About me

Andrea was born in Budapest in 1979. She lived in the countryside of Hungary until 1996, when she won second place in the national "Look of the Year Competition," which drove her to move to Budapest. After excellent graduation from an Italian and Hungarian bilingual high school, she spent another five years studying Italian culture, literature, and language at the Arts Department of the Eötvös Lóránd University. Andrea gained her double degree in 2005 as an Italian Major. Her ruling passion has been dancing since she was 13. Andrea maintained herself and helped her not a well-heeled family in the country by modeling for several years. She did at least 30 TV commercials in a few years and was lucky to be selected for a small role in Spy Game (2001) movie in which she played opposite Robert Redford and Brad Pitt. It was the period when she realized she wanted to focus her energies on transmitting emotions among people and chose the acting career. Besides working and studying, she attended one year at the 'Földessy Margit Acting School in Budapest, after which she was admitted to the biennial International Acting School-Rome, in Italy, and she quit modeling. She has been living in Rome since 2003, studying and working as an actress. Speaks and acts perfectly in English, Italian and Hungarian. Besides numerous acting workshops, she also has attended a screenwriting course at the Schilling-Moharos Screenwriter School in Hungary. She also studied German for twelve years and French for one year. Her filmography continues to grow by 3-5 films each year.


Acting age
41-51 years
Year of birth
1979 (45 years)
Place of birth
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
Hair color
Hair length
slim, athletic / training
Place of residence
Budapest (HU), Vienna (AT)
Housing options
Rome (IT)
American-Standard(native dialect)
Alpine skiingFigure skatingHorse ridingYoga
Main profession
Driver's licenses
B - Car


Professional background

International Acting School, Rome Doris Hicks, Professional Training, Susan Batson Actors Studio, NYC Ivana Chubbuck Studio, LA Larry Moss Studio, LA

Other professional training

voice training and singing with Mary Setrakian, NYC
Földessy Margit Acting School, Budapest


Biraghi Award, Silver Ribbon, Italy
Globo d'Oro, Italy
Golden Nymph Award Monte-Carlo TV Festival
Golden Pegasus Award, International Flaiano Awards


Il vangelo secondo Mattei (Feature film)
Antonio Andrisani Producer: Brigata Germi
In Search of Fellini (Feature film)
Taron Lexton Producer: Cartwright Entertainment
Worlds Apart (Feature film)
Ensemble-Hauptrolle Christoforos Papakaliatis Producer: Plus Filmproductions & Village Roadshow
Der Nanny (Feature film)
Matthias Schweighöfer Producer: Pantaleon Films Distribution: Warner Bros.
Main role Christoforos Papakaliatis Producer: Plus Filmproductions & Village Roadshow
Main role Nicolás López Producer: Producciones
Maternity Blues
Main role Fabrizio Cattani
The Sunday Woman
Anna Carla Dosio Giulio Base
The Swing Girls
Main role Maurizio Zaccaro
Das Ende ist mein Anfang
Saskia Jo Baier Producer: Collina Film
The Valley
Main role Mihály Györik
Lila 13 Dénes Orosz Producer: Skyfilm
Sound Track
Main role Francesca Marra
Italia 2061
Carlo Vanzina
The Two Tigers
Main role Sandra Cecca Producer: The Bottom Line
The Water Diviner
Main role Fabrizio Cattani
Black Sea
Roberta Torre
Una Piccola Storia
Martina Stefano Chiantini
Supporting role Lasse Hallström
The Clan
Main role Christian de Sica Producer: De Angelis Film Production
Orsolya Kalmár Andor Lengyel
Spy Game
Supporting role Tony Scott Producer: Beacon Communications
The Contaminated Man
Supporting role Anthony Hickox


Allmen und das Geheimnis des Koi (AT) (TV movie)
Jojo Hirt (MR) Sinje Köhler Producer: UFA Fiction
Die Therapie (TV series)
Isabel (SR) Iván Sáinz-Pardo, Thor Freudenthal Producer: Ziegler Film Station: Amazon Prime
Allmen und das Geheimnis der Erotik (TV movie)
durchgehende Rolle Thomas Berger Producer: UFA Fiction Station: ARD/Degeto
Erzgebirgskrimi - "Tödliches Spiel" (WT) (TV movie)
Uli Zrenner Producer: NFP TV GmbH & Co. KG Berlin Station: ZDF
Die Diplomatin - "Tödliches Alibi" (AT) (TV movie)
Roland Suso Richter Producer: UFA Fiction Station: ARD/Degeto
Allmen und das Geheimnis der Libellen + Allmen und das Geheimnis des rosa Diamanten + Allmen und das geheimnis der Dahlien (TV movie)
Thomas Berger Producer: UFA Fiction Station: ARD
Il Paradiso delle Signore (24 Episoden)
Hauptrolle Ensemble Monica Vullo Producer: Aurora TV Station: Rai 1
The Transporter
Producer: Atlantique Productions
The Scandal
Main role Stefano Reali Producer: Rai Uno
The Medium
Main role Lamberto Bava
Die Draufgänger
Episode leader Florian Kern Producer: Constantin TV Station: RTL
Guest role Xaver Schwarzenberger Station: ZDF
Main role Giulio Base Producer: Lux Vide
Sarah G. L. Calderone
Il Bell'Antonio
Julia Maurizio Zaccaro
La Caccia
Main role Massimo Spano
Diritto di Difesa
Nadia Robert Quitta
Main role Gábor Herendi
First Generation
Csilla Szilárd Szabó