Denise Meisner

Denise Meisner

F&S (Film & Stage) Schauspielagentur (Main agency)
Marcel Fechenbach
+49 151 2262 9772
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About me

My creative journey led me to dance and acting – the mediums that best fulfill my longing for physical representation.
In dance, I discovered a nonverbal form of expression. Every movement tells a story, conveys emotions, and forges connections. The stage became my canvas, where I revealed feelings through motion – a fusion of music and body that conveys deeper sensations than words ever could.
Acting allowed me to delve into various characters and explore intricate emotions. Stepping into someone else's shoes expanded my identity while embodying human essence simultaneously. The stage transformed into a space where I sensed life's intensity.
My artistic path in dance and acting is an ongoing journey of discovery. Each performance is an opportunity to reinvent myself and unveil my innermost self. Through motion and expression, I convey what burns within me – joy, pain, longing, and triumph.
The art of dance and acting enables me to communicate my profound thoughts and emotions in a way that transcends words. In each rendition, I embody my quest for physical expression, share my innermost self, and foster unforgettable connections.


Acting age
22-32 years
Year of birth
1995 (28 years)
Place of birth
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
blue green
Hair color
Hair length
Place of residence
Housing options
Cologne, Berlin
AcrobaticsBoxingDancesportFitnessIce skatingInline skatingPilatesRoller-skatingYoga
Contact ImprovisationContemporary danceDancehallHip hopJazz DanceStreet DanceVideo clip dancingBalletBollywood danceFreestyle danceLine danceModern DanceMotion danceMusical theatreNew danceSalsaStandard
Actor, Speaker
Special skills
ChoreographyImprovisationPracitical Shooting
Driver's licenses
B - Car


Primary professional training

2013 – 2015
Film Acting School Cologne

Other professional training

Tractical - Combat Training
Andreas Potulski Schauspiel-Coaching
Set coaching mit Hanfried Schüttler
The Art of Acting Studio Los Angeles
Camera Acting mit Jerry Coyle, New York
Sprach und Stimmtraining mit Marie Trauden
Masterclass mit Lesly Khan, Los Angeles
Spracherziehung mit dem Alexander Technique Institute, Sydney
Camera Acting Masterclass mit Leigh Pickford, Sydney
Screen Actors Workshop Masterclass Mit Peter Phelps & Salvatore Coce, Sydney
Szenenarbeit mit Stephan Gabelhoff
Meisner-Technik mit Verena Rudolph
Szenenarbeit mit Arndt Schwering
Kamera Arbeit mit Marian Bruchholz
Öffnungsarbeit mit Milan Klein
Rollenanalyse mit Johanna Piliatiou
Stimmtraining mit Johannes Prill
Vocals mit Pamela Falcon, New York
Tanzschule Patsy and Michael Hull


Das Märchen von der Zauberflöte (Feature film)
Hofdame (SR) Marvin Litwak Distribution: FINAL GMBH
Drei Geschwister
Sophie Charlotte Commentz Distribution: Shortfilm Weimar Casting Director: Charlotte Commentz


Unter Uns
Valerie Markus Hansen Station: TV/Soap
ONE NIGHT OFF / Rat Pack Filmproduction GmbH
drunk girl Martin Schreier Station: Amazon Prime Casting Director: Emrah Ertem
Alarm für Corbra 11 (Choreography)
Bollywood Dancer (SR) Heinz Dietz Station: RTL
Soko - Koeln
Junge Frau Christopher Heininger Station: ZDF Casting Director: Stephan Krause


Promoterin (SR) DAMIANO MICHIELETTO Producer: Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía Valencia und Teatro Real Madrid Theater: Staatenhaus Oper Köln Casting Director: Annika Wiessner
Manuela Lydia Steier Theater: Staatenhaus Oper/Köln Casting Director: Bongartz
CARMEN (Opera)
Manuela (SR) Lydia Steier Theater: Staatenhaus Köln/Oper
Manuela Lydia Steier, Marc Schachtsiek Theater: Oper Köln