Franziska Brandmeier

Franziska Brandmeier

Agentur Neidig (Main agency)
Claudia Neidig
+49 30 398 89420
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About me

Empathizing with people and situations, this is what makes me happy. Merging with a role. Becoming part of a story. Touching people. 

As a dancer, Franziska got in contact with acting. Until the age of 15, she was a professional ballet dancer and later on started to dance modern, hiphop and streetdance. She is very athletic, sings in a post punk band and writes poems. Embodying feelings. Why do people do what they do? Franziska makes use of her academic background to add an unique touch to her roles. Besides her travels, her work in Berlin’s start up scene and life in the Jungle also give her strength for great challenges. She is driven by her joie de vivre and not afraid of the unknown. Deep blue eyes. Sensual and courageous. Combative and tender. Pura vida! 


Acting age
23-30 years
Year of birth
1993 (30 years)
Height (cm)
Eye color
blue green
Hair color
Hair length
Place of residence
Housing options
Hamburg, London, Florence
NordenStandard German(native dialect)
BalletHip hopHistorical danceModern DanceStandardMusical theatre
Musical actor, Actor
Driver's licenses
B - Car


Other professional training

Voice Coaching bei Richard Ryder
Schauspielseminar bei Ron Burrus Actors Conservatory
Schauspielseminar bei Sheila Gray
Schauspielseminar bei Ron Burrus Actors Conservatory
Lamda Summer School in London
Voice Coach


Curveball (Cinema film)
Johannes Naber Producer: Bon Voyage Film
The Darker the Lake (Cinema film)
Janice Lok Kwan Woo Producer: Seven Look Productions
Six Minutes to Midnight (Cinema film)
Andy Goddard Producer: Mad As Birds
Obacht in Ephesus (Short film)
Maximilian Mühlhoff Producer: l'atelier
Am Tag der Sterne
Leading role Simon Schneckenburger
Supporting role Verena S, Freytag Producer: Jost Hering Filmproduktion


Tatort - Es grünt so grün, wenn Frankfurts Berge blühn (TV movie (series))
Elisabeth Kracht, Steuerberaterin (LE) Till Endemann Producer: Hessischer Rundfunk Station: ARD Casting Director: Casting Hessischer Rundfunk
Letzte Spur Berlin (Series)
Elin Wolf (LE) Thomas Nennstiel Station: ZDF Distribution: Odeon Fiction GmbH Casting Director: Dorothee Weyers & Franziska Harms
THERESA WOLFF "Passion" (TV movie (series))
Maja Seitz (LE) Judith Kennel Station: ZDF Distribution: Ziegler Film GmbH & Co. KG Casting Director: Teresa Depenau
Dänemark-Krimi - Das Mädchen im Kirchturm (TV series)
Bente Bruun (LE) Florian Schott Station: ARD Distribution: Eikon Media GmbH Casting Director: Tina Böckenhauer
Alarm für Cobra 11 - Bedingungslos (TV movie (series))
Emily Handewitt (SR) Franco Tozza Station: RTL Distribution: Action Concept Film- Und Stuntproduktion GmbH Casting Director: Anja Dihrberg Casting
Die jungen Ärzte - Folge: "Selbstbestimmung" (TV series)
Ariane Bischof (LE) Daniel Anderson Station: ARD Distribution: Saxonia Media Filmproduktionsgesellschaft GmbH Casting Director: Anna Slater Casting
Soko Leipzig (TV series)
Robert del Maestro Producer: UFA Fiction
Intimate (TV series)
Emil Belton, Oskar Belton, Bruno Alexander, Leo Fuchs Producer: Kleine Brüder Station: Joyn
Dünen Thriller (TV movie (series))
Ismail Sahin Producer: MadeFor Film Station: RTL
Ein Hauch von Amerika (TV series)
Leading role Dror Zahavi Producer: FFP New Media Station: ARD/Degeto
Rentnercops (TV series)
Thomas Durchschlag Producer: Bavaria Fiction Station: ARD
Der Alte (TV series)
Florian Schott Producer: Neue Münchner Fernsehproduktion GmbH & Co.KG Station: ZDF
Soko Köln - Die Sammlerin
Teresa Wilkens Florian Schott Producer: Network Movie Station: ZDF
Soko München - Licht und Schatten (TV series)
Alexa Keck Till Müller-Edenborn Producer: UFA Fiction Station: ZDF
Parfum (TV series)
Philipp Kadelbach Producer: Constantin Film Station: ZDF
In Wahrheit - Tödliches Geheimnis (TV movie (series))
Jette Mertens / NR Matthias Tiefenbacher Producer: Network Movie
Heldt - Cybermobbing
Christine Ulrike Hamacher Producer: Sony Pictures FFP GmbH Station: ZDF
Soko Wismar
Bella Markowski Kerstin Ahlrichs Producer: Cinecentrum Berlin Station: ZDF
Großstadtrevier - Oma Helmut
Aleta Dilala Till Franzen Producer: Letterbox Filmproduktion Station: ARD
Tatort Kiel - Borowski und das verlorene Mädchen
Marie Breuer Raymond Ley Producer: Nordfilm Kiel Station: ARD
Marie Brand und das ewige Wettrennen
Sophia Michael Zens Producer: Warner Bros. Station: ZDF
Soko Leipzig - Der dunkle Feind
Konstanze Krüger Andy Fetscher Producer: UFA Fiction Station: ZDF
Familie verpflichtet
Sarah Hanno Olderdissen Producer: Heimathafen Film & Media GmbH Station: NDR
Mörderische Stille
Sabin Friedemann Fromm Producer: Aspekt Telefilm Station: ARD
Katie Fforde-Familienbande
Supporting role Helmut Metzger Producer: Network Movie Station: ZDF
Kripo Holstein
Supporting role Zbynek Cerven Producer: Opal Film Station: ZDF
Die Chefin
Jessica Winsler Michael Schneider Producer: Network Movie Station: ZDF
Bis zum Ende der Welt
Supporting role Matthias Tiefenbacher Producer: Aspekte Telefilm Station: ARD
Notruf Hafenkante
Merle Kahr Oren Schmuckler Producer: Studio Hamburg Station: ZDF
Supporting role Kasper Heidelbach Producer: Colonia Media Station: ARD
Morden im Norden
Supporting role Holger Barthel Producer: ndF Berlin Station: ZDF
Der Bergdoktor
Supporting role Axel Barth Producer: ndF Station: ZDF
Bis zum Ende der Welt
Supporting role Matthias Tiefenbacher Producer: aspekt telefilm Station: ARD
Der Cop und der Snob - Die Clique
Joefine Berger Holger Haase Producer: Constantin Film Station: Sat.1
Arnes Nachlass
Supporting role Thorsten Schmidt Producer: Aspekte Telefilm Station: ARD
Soko 5113
Hannah Siebert Peter Stauch Producer: Ufa Film Station: ZDF
Die Kinder von Blankenese
Supporting role Raymond Ley Producer: Cinecentrum Station: ARD


Ein ganzes Leben
Thomas André Szabó Producer: UFA, UFA LAB