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Lars Krone

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About me

I feel happy to play characters that are so complex, sometimes torn between different realities. I cannot help but admire and somehow love them because they feel true to me. I love them because of their struggles and flaws, not despite them. By doing this, it's my job to convince people that I am that person in their life, to add a backbone to this kind of character. I love to care about that person in an exploratory way, and I do feel at home in the most intimate fashion, morphing with my surroundings. Well, at least this is what I feel when I work. 
I admire actors who take risks to overcome obstacles, I also claim this for myself by making bold decisions in order to reach my goal. Even if it should entail that I fail, because it also means "entering new territory". Since at that moment, it just feels true and right to make that particular decision, and I let that guide me. A bit like Alice when she keeps on the trail of the white rabbit. 
Beauty and greatness do not come from a perfect world, but from an intense and pure, non-judgmental source within, driven by love, despair, hate, or longing. For here to dare and perhaps fail in terms of "real" reality I experience as using my full potential. Thus, I appreciate very much how I can draw and learn for myself from it, both as an actor and quite simply as a human being. That's why I love taking risks in this wonderful profession.


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blue gray
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dark brown
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Regensburg, Vienna, Sydney, Münster, Berlin, Tübingen, Augsburg
AmericanBairischBerlin GermanEnglishNordenRuhr areaScottish-EnglishSouthern-EnglishTyrolean(native dialect)Westphalian(native dialect)
Alpine skiingHorse ridingInline skatingPistol shootingRacerRifle shootingRoller-skatingSwimWater polo
Driver's licenses
A - Motorcycle, A1 - Small motorcycles (up to 125ccm), A2 - Motorcycle up to 35 kW, AM - Trike, quad, microcars up to 45 km/h, B - Car, BE - Car with trailer, C - Truck, C1E - C1 with trailers up to 12t, CE - Truck with trailer


Other professional training

Ivana Chubbuck Studio [us]
Ivana Chubbuck Studio [us]
Werkmünchen [de]
Werkmünchen [de]
Werkmünchen [de]
Acting Choices - Schauspielcoach Tim Garde [de]
Actingcoach Filmcoaching + Workshops
Yellow Dubmarine [de]
Marion Spingler


Cinematic European Film Festival
Pure Magic International Film Festival
Neptune Movie Awards - bi-monthly festival [it]
Budapest Film Festival - monthly festival [hu]
MABIG Film Festival - monthly festival [de]


Mare Nostrum (AT) (Short film)
Nomade (LR) Susanne Wöll, Daniel Rudi Producer: Hochschule Mainz Distribution: Hochschule Mainz Casting Director: Simone Bartoschek, Berit Bove, Sarah Wagner Written by: Simone Bartoschek, Sarah Wagner, Lucienne Großhans
Was wäre, wenn ...? (Short film)
Chef, Herr Stark (LR) Nathalie Kujawa Producer: Bavaria Entertainment GmbH Casting Director: Nathalie Kujawa Written by: Nathalie Kujawa
Projekt: Golgota (AT) (Short film)
Kardinal (LR) Joachim Schmid Producer: Schmid Production Casting Director: Joachim Schmid Written by: Christoph Schmid, Joachim Schmid
Einmal ein Spion (Teaser)
Edwin Winter (LR) Olexandr Androsov Producer: Macromedia GmbH Casting Director: Olexandr Androsov Written by: Olexandr Androsov
Look again (Short film)
Oliver Thomas (LR) Maximilian Schaller Producer: Macromedia GmbH Distribution: Macromedia GmbH Casting Director: Maximilian Schaller Written by: Maximilian Schaller
Letter of Peace (AT) (Documentary drama)
SS Oberfeldwebel (LR) Oliver Würffel Producer: Neo Groen/ Florian Gengnagel Casting Director: Florian Gengnagel Written by: Oliver Würfel
Prometheus Returns (AT) (Short film)
Priest (SR) Isabel Menzietti, Gerhard Andrej Wisnewski Casting Director: Isabel Menzietti Written by: Isabel Menzietti
Papa (Short film)
Vater (LR) Ferdinand Kubiak Producer: Ferdinand Kubiak Produktion [de]
Völkerball 42 (Short film)
Friedrich Gehrle (LR) Samuel Heigl Producer: Samuel Heigl Produktion [de]
Rechtsfindung (Short film)
Staatsanwalt (LR) Johannes Hör Producer: RedWolf Pictures [de]
Einmal verlieben (Feature film)
Rebekkas Vater (SR) Holger Borggrefe Producer: Inkunst e.V. / Theater Werkmünchen [de]
Off Track (Medium length film)
Karl (LR) Jan Gerlach Producer: FH Fachhochschule Trier [de] Written by: Jan Gerlach
Musik in deinen Ohren (Short film)
Dr. Norbert Junk (LR) Rebecca Issing Producer: Bavaria Film GmbH [de]
Shrink (Short film)
Patient (LR) Michael Graeter Producer: Motion Pictures Munich, Michael Graeter [de]
Father (Short film)
Priest (LR) Michael Graeter Producer: Motion Pictures Munich, Michael Graeter [de]
The Fuckup (Short film)
Gordon (LR) Markus Böker Producer: Pixelbubbles, Tillmann Gscheidle [de]
Ein Kaffee für die Seele (Short film)
Martin (LR) Justine Kniesburges Producer: Bavaria Film GmbH [de]
Im Nebel (Feature film)
Christian (LR) Elinor Weyer, Christoph Hölzl Producer: Bavaria Film GmbH [de]
2060 (Short film)
Rechtsanwalt (LR) Sandra Cavallaro Producer: Bavaria Film GmbH [de]
Auf der anderen Seite (Educational production)
Otto (SR) Louis Götz Producer: Macromedia [de]
Brille Ab! (Educational production)
Ralf (LR) Nils Dresemann Producer: Macromedia [de]
Henry (Short film)
Oliver Frank (SR) Timo Ernst Producer: Timo Ernst Produktion [de]
Die Angst vor der eigenen Wahrheit (Short film)
Vater (LR) Nils Dresemann Producer: Macromedia [de]
Dionys 05 (Short film)
Leopold Falk (LR) Tobias Jonas Producer: Tobias Jonas Produktion [at]
Eternal (Short film)
Morgan (SR) Nicolai Sagasser Producer: Hochkant Film
Stille der Dunkelheit (Short film)
Psychiater (SR) Niklas Brenner Producer: Celestial Films
Primal (Bewerbungsfilm) (Short film)
Dr. Reiyk (LR) Samuel Heigl Producer: Samuel Heigl Produktion [de]
Das Minenfeld (Medium length film)
Moritz Beer (LR) Joachim Schmid Producer: Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen [de]


Sturm der Liebe (Series)
Hubertus (Peter) von Arnsberg (SR) Alexander Wiedl / Lutz von Sicherer Producer: Bavaria Fiction GmbH Station: ARD Written by: Claudia Köhler
Dahoam is Dahoam (TV series)
Dr. med. Lübke (SR) diverse Producer: Constantin Television GmbH [de] Station: BR [de]
Der Beischläfer (TV series)
Anselm Nixdorf (SR) Sebastian Sorger Producer: The Amazing Film Company GmbH Station: Prime Video (Amazon)
Sex Zimmer, Küche, Bad (TV series)
Dr. Vollmann (SR) Lars Parlaska Producer: Pantaflix Studios [de] Station: Prime Video (Amazon)
Aktenzeichen XY-Spezial - Gelöst! (TV magazine)
Rolf Braun (LR) Rudolf Schweiger Producer: Securitel GmbH [de] Station: ZDF [de]


Natur-Doku (Titel: to be announced) - Serie (Speaker)
Producer: GIESING TEAM Studio Harras
tba (Speaker)
Producer: macromedia
DIONYS 05 (Speaker)
Producer: Tobias Jonas
ETERNAL (Speaker)
Producer: Hochkant Film
tba (Speaker)
Producer: FFF Grupe


Mikouai - Pluviophil (Music video)
Mann (LR) Filip Salvetat Producer: Macromedia [de]
Immer und überall (Showreel production)
Torsten (LR) Heinz Böcker Producer: Heinz Böcker Produktion [de]
Die Leiche zwischen uns (Showreel production)
Sander (LR) Holger Borggrefe Producer: Inkunst e.V. / Theater Werkmünchen [de]
Der Falke (Showreel production)
Adler (LR) Wilhelm Engelhardt Producer: Inkunst e.V. / Theater Werkmünchen [de]
Bestattung zu Dritt (Showreel production)
Leo (LR) Stefan Hering Producer: Inkunst e.V. / Theater Werkmünchen [de]


Net ID - Datenstrip (2 Spots) (Commercial)
Aufzugsmann (LR) Daniel Vogelmann Producer: Neon Grøn GmbH & Co. KG
Singold Whiskey - The Whiskey's Gambit (Commercial)
Carlsen (LR) Nicolai Sagasser Producer: Supernova Film [de]